"type": "png",
  "device": "Macbook Pro 16",
  "viewport": {
    "width": 2240,
    "height": 1260,
    "deviceScaleFactor": 1,
    "isMobile": true,
    "hasTouch": true,
    "isLandscape": true
  "fullPage": true,
  "fromSurface": true,
  "omitBackground": true,
  "optimizeForSpeed": true,
  "quality": 50,
  "captureBeyondViewport": true,
  "clip": {
    "scale": 1,
    "width": 123,
    "height": 123,
    "x": 123,
    "y": 123
  "element": "<string>",
  "overlay": {
    "background": "<string>",
    "filter": "none",
    "margin": 0.2,
    "browser": "light",
    "screenshotBorderRadius": 123
All options are optional
enum<string> | null
default: png
Available options:
enum<string> | null
default: Macbook Pro 16

Device preset to use, will not be set when viewport option is provided!

Available options:
Blackberry PlayBook,
Blackberry PlayBook landscape,
BlackBerry Z30,
BlackBerry Z30 landscape,
Galaxy Note 3,
Galaxy Note 3 landscape,
Galaxy Note II,
Galaxy Note II landscape,
Galaxy S III,
Galaxy S III landscape,
Galaxy S5,
Galaxy S5 landscape,
Galaxy S8,
Galaxy S8 landscape,
Galaxy S9+,
Galaxy S9+ landscape,
Galaxy Tab S4,
Galaxy Tab S4 landscape,
iPad landscape,
iPad (gen 6),
iPad (gen 6) landscape,
iPad (gen 7),
iPad (gen 7) landscape,
iPad Mini,
iPad Mini landscape,
iPad Pro,
iPad Pro landscape,
iPad Pro 11,
iPad Pro 11 landscape,
iPhone 4,
iPhone 4 landscape,
iPhone 5,
iPhone 5 landscape,
iPhone 6,
iPhone 6 landscape,
iPhone 6 Plus,
iPhone 6 Plus landscape,
iPhone 7,
iPhone 7 landscape,
iPhone 7 Plus,
iPhone 7 Plus landscape,
iPhone 8,
iPhone 8 landscape,
iPhone 8 Plus,
iPhone 8 Plus landscape,
iPhone SE,
iPhone SE landscape,
iPhone X,
iPhone X landscape,
iPhone XR,
iPhone XR landscape,
iPhone 11,
iPhone 11 landscape,
iPhone 11 Pro,
iPhone 11 Pro landscape,
iPhone 11 Pro Max,
iPhone 11 Pro Max landscape,
iPhone 12,
iPhone 12 landscape,
iPhone 12 Pro,
iPhone 12 Pro landscape,
iPhone 12 Pro Max,
iPhone 12 Pro Max landscape,
iPhone 12 Mini,
iPhone 12 Mini landscape,
iPhone 13,
iPhone 13 landscape,
iPhone 13 Pro,
iPhone 13 Pro landscape,
iPhone 13 Pro Max,
iPhone 13 Pro Max landscape,
iPhone 13 Mini,
iPhone 13 Mini landscape,
JioPhone 2,
JioPhone 2 landscape,
Kindle Fire HDX,
Kindle Fire HDX landscape,
LG Optimus L70,
LG Optimus L70 landscape,
Microsoft Lumia 550,
Microsoft Lumia 950,
Microsoft Lumia 950 landscape,
Nexus 10,
Nexus 10 landscape,
Nexus 4,
Nexus 4 landscape,
Nexus 5,
Nexus 5 landscape,
Nexus 5X,
Nexus 5X landscape,
Nexus 6,
Nexus 6 landscape,
Nexus 6P,
Nexus 6P landscape,
Nexus 7,
Nexus 7 landscape,
Nokia Lumia 520,
Nokia Lumia 520 landscape,
Nokia N9,
Nokia N9 landscape,
Pixel 2,
Pixel 2 landscape,
Pixel 2 XL,
Pixel 2 XL landscape,
Pixel 3,
Pixel 3 landscape,
Pixel 4,
Pixel 4 landscape,
Pixel 4a (5G),
Pixel 4a (5G) landscape,
Pixel 5,
Pixel 5 landscape,
Moto G4,
Moto G4 landscape,
Macbook Pro 13,
Macbook Pro 15,
Macbook Pro 16,
iMac 21,
iMac 21 4K,
iMac 24 4.5K,
iMac 27,
iMac 27 5K

Define an custom viewport, when defined the device option will be ignored!

default: false

When true, takes a screenshot of the full page.

default: true

Capture the screenshot from the surface, rather than the view.

default: false

Hides default white background and allows capturing screenshots with transparency.

default: true
number | null

Quality of the image, between 0-100. Not applicable to png images.

default: false

Capture the screenshot beyond the viewport. false if there is no clip. true otherwise.


Specifies the region of the page to clip.

string | null

It captures the DOM element matching the given CSS selector. This will overwrite the clip property and set fullPage to false.


Add an overlay to the image. Cannot be used together with the fullPage option!