Doczilla offers three endpoint types: direct, sync and async.

  • direct: your document is generated and returned directly in the response to your request, providing simplicity and efficiency. For requests with responses exceeding 32 MiB, refer to the Content type section.

  • sync: your document is created and directly returns a URL instead of the raw document. Optionally, write the document directly into your bucket by using the storage option, bypassing the need for our temporary storage.

  • async: you provide a webhook where the result is sent to after the document is created.


/v1/screenshot/asyncasyncpage,screenshot, storage, webhook

Content type

By default, when doing a direct request Doczilla will return with the Content-Type header associated with the endpoint, this will be:

  • /v1/pdf -> application/pdf
  • /v1/screenshot with screenshot.type set to png -> image/png (default)
  • /v1/screenshot with screenshot.type set to jpeg -> image/jpeg
  • /v1/screenshot with screenshot.type set to webp -> image/webp

If the size of the final document or screenshot exceeds 32 MiB, the Transfer-Encoding header will be set to chunked, and the Content-Type header will be changed to application/octet-stream.